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Green Filing helps you quickly and easily file and serve your pleadings in state and local courts with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. In essence, we're your virtual courier!

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Striving to develop state of the art e-filing services for attorneys.

We believe that e-filing in courts should be easy, simple, and fast – so that attorneys and their support staff can work smarter, not harder, and focus on providing the first class legal support they provide their clients.

Green Filing was founded by George Knecht and Eric Eastman in 2009. Both having spent several years providing services to attorneys and courts, particularly in the areas of access to court data, management of electronic court records, and in the implementation of electronic filing,  they shared a belief that there has not been a product developed that truly promotes the convenience and ease of electronic court filing. Green Filing was born in an effort to create just that.

Green Filing’s electronic court filing solution has been designed to simplify the filing process utilizing a filing interface that even the most novice computers users find easy to use. For this reason, among many others, we believe we have developed a product that will truly promote electronic filing and drive it’s adoption and acceptance.

Each and every day, our customers (attorneys and legal staff), the companies or law firms they work for, and the ever important clients they represent will rely on our product to make their businesses run smoothly by delivering legal documents to courts and service recipients in a safe, secure, and reliable manner. We are proud, and honored, to do so.

While Green Filing is a small company, we have lofty goals – all aimed at providing the best service possible to our customers. Our number one priority is to provide a reliable product and devoted streamlined support (online, by phone, and in person) by listening to our customers, solving problems, and continuing to improve our service.

Please take a moment, and meet our team:

Eric Eastman

Eric Eastman, Co-Founder – Technical Development

Eric Eastman a co-founder and Green Filing’s technical development leader. Prior to creating Green Filing, Eric was the CTO at, where he have worked from 2004 to 2009. Doxpop provides a great service for litigators and other legal professionals in Indiana, and Eric played a primary role in help Doxpop roll out new products and features, and keep up with the demands of a growing user base. During that time that Eric became interested in electronic filing, leading Doxpop’s first e-filing deployment which allowed prosecutors to initiate criminal proceedings with the touch of a button in White County, Indiana. That experience led Eric to join the OASIS ECF Technical Committee in late 2007.

Before starting work providing online services to attorneys, Eric was a consultant with Ray Ontko & Co. There he helped many larger organizations with their enterprise reporting needs. Clients included Tennessee Valley Authority Nuclear Power, NetJets Aviation, The GAP Inc, Tricon Resturants (now Yum Brands) and many more.

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George Knecht

George Knecht, Co-Founder – Business Development

George Knecht is the co-founder and Green Filing’s business development leader. George’s passion for e-filing resulted directly from his previous employment with the Clerk of the Superior Court for Maricopa County (Phoenix) in the State of Arizona. As a project manager for the Clerk’s office he played a large role in converting the Court to a completely electronic court record, and led the Court’s efforts in implementing one of the more successful electronic court filing programs in the country. As the E-Filing Program Manager, and lead business analyst, he saw the project through from its inception, the development of the software itself, and its eventual implementation. With Green Filing, George has essentially repeated this effort to create a product representing the most dynamic e-filing solution on the market today.

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April Paige, Customer Support

April Paige joined Green Filing in 2013 as the Director of Customer Support and Quality Assurance for Green Filing. April came to Green Filing with 12 years of legal experience as a paralegal. She worked for a large debt collection law firm where she was the project manager and lead paralegal for the firm’s Utah department, where she worked to restructure and integrate e-filing into the Utah courts.

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James Patrick, Software Developer

James Patrick joined Green Filing in 2011 as a software developer and system administrator. James is a graduate of Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. James has played an integral role in scaling Green Filing’s software and hardware infrastructure to support our growing user base, developing new features, and our expansion to new markets.

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Elena Sergienko, Software Developer

Elena Sergienko joined Green Filing in 2014 as a full time software developer. Elena is a graduate of Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Elena has brought a fresh perspective to the Green Filing team and has played a large role in completing the development work required to allow the Green Filing software to expand to markets.

Email: | Phone: (801) 448-7268