Join our team and help us expand our business. Green Filing is an e-filing service provider for attorneys in California, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Maryland and Utah. We are a small, focused group of individuals who believe in a commitment to excellence and continual improvement. Below are our current job openings.


We’re looking for a tech-savvy people person with legal knowledge to join our team. Green Filing is an electronic filing service provider and serves attorneys and their staffs in California, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Maryland and Utah. You’ll be on the front lines for answering their questions and keeping them happy filers.


Your greatest talent in life is putting people at ease and making them feel heard. You don’t take it personally when someone has a complaint, so when the going gets salty, you stay sweet and bounce right back to help out whoever’s next in line. We live on the Internet, so you’re a master of written communication and can always tell whether someone needs a quick answer or a little extra hand-holding. You love working with tech, exploring new tools and apps.

We’re into customer service that’s smart, proactive, and actually helpful, so don’t expect to spend day after day getting smacked in the face with complaints and sending the same inane form responses to people. You’ve got a mind of your own, and you’re looking for a job that’ll let you use it, and make serious contributions outside of just answering emails.

You love being part of an awesome team, but you’re also good at the whole self-management thing – you’re in charge of a lot of your own workflow, so you’ve gotta be able to focus and prioritize without a hovering supervisor.

You are no stranger to the following job requirements and responsibilities. You …

  • possess strong knowledge of legal processes and filing Court pleadings.
  • provide friendly, timely support to customers via phone, email, and live chat.
  • exercise and understand phone and email etiquette.
  • possess strong writing and communication skills.
  • can troubleshoot and exercise judgment to address customer issues.
  • work closely with development team to resolve issues quickly.
  • make recommendations to improve service based on feature requests and bugs.
  • develop and maintain help documentation based on customer feedback.
  • participate in testing and quality assurance of new software updates / releases.
  • communicate with customers on social media.
  • possess strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel) and working with PDF documents (conversion, optimization).
  • are motivated, proactive, and totally into technology.
  • have, or are willing to learn, Google Apps, HTML and CSS.


  • Competitive salary – work full time (40 hours per week) at a salary commensurate with your expertise and experience.
  • Work anywhere – work remotely, as long as you are available from 8AM – 5PM Pacific Time.
  • Health insurance comprehensive health insurance and options for vision, dental.
  • Flexible vacation – enjoy 15 days of vacation per year so you can take time off when you need it.
  • Great tools – each employee needs a laptop and 24′ display, so we’ll get you what you need.
  • Complete transparency – everyone has full access to business metrics and financial information about the company


Just send an email to and attach your resume and contact information.