We believe that e-filing in courts should be easy, simple, and fast so that attorneys and their support staff can work smarter, not harder, and focus on providing the first class legal support they provide their clients.

  • Green Filing was founded by George Knecht and Eric Eastman in 2009. Both having spent several years providing services to attorneys and courts, particularly in the areas of access to court data, management of electronic court records, and in the implementation of electronic filing, they shared a belief that there has not been a product developed that truly promotes the convenience and ease of electronic court filing. Green Filing was born in an effort to create just that.

  • Green Filing’s electronic court filing solution has been designed to simplify the filing process utilizing a filing interface that even the most novice of computers users will find easy to use. For this reason, among many others, we believe we have developed a product that will truly promote electronic filing and drive its adoption and acceptance.

  • Each and every day, our customers (attorneys and legal staff), the companies or law firms they work for, and the ever important clients they represent will rely on our product to make their businesses run smoothly by delivering legal documents to courts and service recipients in a safe, secure, and reliable manner. We are proud, and honored, to do so.

  • Ashley Bittle

    Ashley joined Green Filing in 2023 as a member of the Customer Support team after working four years as a Legal Assistant. Ashley assisted multiple attorneys preparing a wide range of legal documents while also submitting filings electronically through Green Filing to a variety of counties. Ashley not only loves spending time with her family but also enjoys outdoor activities including fishing, gardening and barbecuing.

    Ashley Bittle
    Customer Support Representative
  • Joseph Bobo

    Tae Kwon Do National Champion and avid Bull Rider, Joe Bobo joined Green Filing in 2015 as our Customer Support Lead. He is an 8-year veteran of e-filing and has helped users in new states and counties successfully transition to our program. With his extensive knowledge, Joe assists a variety of attorneys and staff to ensure they are able to submit their documents in a timely manner.

    Joseph Bobo
    Lead Customer Support Representative
  • Noah DeSimone

    Noah joined the Green Filing team in 2023 after working as a Legal Assistant at a boutique Family Law firm in Los Angeles. Over the last seven years Noah has been efficiently and professionally servicing the needs of clients and customers throughout various industries. Noah is also passionate about music and also enjoys watching movies, spending time with family, and traveling.

    Noah DeSimone
    Customer Support Representative
  • Eric Eastman

    One of Green Filing's founders, Eric Eastman is a seasoned software developer with experience at top companies like NetJets Aviation, The GAP Inc., and YUM Brands. After transitioning to legal software as CTO of Doxpop in Indiana, Eric concentrated on e-filing, spearheading Green Filing's technical initiatives to expand e-filing services across various states and court platforms since 2009.

    Eric Eastman
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Shanae Gardner

    Shanae' joined Green Filing in 2018, bringing a diverse background in customer support and education. She holds a Bachelor's in Sociology from Arizona State University and a Master's in Criminal Justice Security and Administration from the University of Phoenix. Shanae' is passionate about family, volunteering, and mentoring youth."

    Shanae’ Gardner
    Customer Support Representative
  • Chris Haley

    Chris Haley joined Green Filing in 2017 as a Customer Support Agent. By 2018, he transitioned into the role of UX/UI Designer and Web Developer. With over ten years of experience in UX/UI design, content management systems, content writing, and SEO, Chris brings a wealth of expertise to his role. In his free time, he enjoys photography, gardening, and reading.

    Chris Haley
    UX/UI Designer / Web Developer
  • Samantha Hollon

    Samantha joined Green Filing in November 2023 as their product marketing manager. She holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, complemented by a robust background in content creation and data analysis. Alongside her marketing responsibilities, she enjoys trivia events, standup comedy, and snuggling with her furbaby, Dolly.

    Samantha Hollon
    Product Marketing Manager
  • John Jetmore

    John Jetmore, an Indiana native, boasts over 20 years of diverse experience in application, systems, network, and release engineering. His expertise ranges from minor web page edits to data center design. Recently, he served as a senior developer in Service Assurance. Outside of work, John juggles responsibilities to his two daughters, four cats, a dog, and a tree frog.

    John Jetmore
    Software Developer
  • George Knecht

    George Knecht, an experienced e-Filing Project Manager formerly with the Clerk of the Superior Court in Maricopa County, specializes in translating customer business needs into streamlined e-filing applications prioritizing ease and speed. His extensive court experience is invaluable as Green Filing expands services to new states and courts.

    George Knecht
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Robert Buskirk-Lechner

    Indiana native, Robert Buskirk-Lechner, joined Green Filing in 2024. He graduated from Beloit College in Wisconsin with a focus on sociology and physics. Before his work in software development, Robert spent many years as a head brewer and distiller in New Mexico’s craft brewing industry. In his free time, Robert enjoys hiking in the southwest desert, playing board games, and cooking meals with his family.

    Robert Buskirk-Lechner
    Software Developer
  • James Patrick

    James Patrick joined Green Filing in 2011 as a software developer and system administrator. James is a graduate of Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. James has played an integral role in scaling Green Filing’s software and hardware infrastructure to support our growing user base, more sophisticated features, and expansion into multiple states.

    James Patrick
    Software Developer
  • Bob Santosuosso

    Bob Santosuosso joined Green Filing in 2023. Bob is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and has many years of experience in a variety of industries including Defense, Finance, Facebook Casino Games, and Speech Enabled E-logistics. Bob enjoys the outdoors, spending time with his family, playing music, and taking his folding kayak to different bodies of water.

    Bob Santosuosso
    Software Developer
  • Elena Sergienko

    Elena Sergienko joined Green Filing in 2014 as a full time software developer. Elena is a graduate of Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Elena has brought a fresh perspective to the Green Filing team and has played a large role in completing the development work required to allow the Green Filing software to expand to multiple states.

    Elena Sergienko
    Software Developer
  • Alan Shaeffer

    Alan joined Green Filing's Customer Support in 2019 and has been dedicated to customer service since 2004. Hailing from Arizona, Alan offers a wealth of experience from roles in retail, sales, consulting, and customer support. In his free time, Alan enjoys board games, watching blockbuster movies (particularly Marvel films), and embarking on family road trips with his wife, Sarah, and daughter, Kate.

    Alan Shaeffer
    Customer Support Representative
  • Saimoon Thapa

    Before coming to Green Filing as a software developer in August 2017, Saimoon graduated from Earlham College. During his time with Green Filing, Saimoon has become an integral team member with significant contributions in the implementation of our new responsive user interface. Saimoon brings a wide array of knowledge in Computational Physics that is a tremendous asset for the Green Filing team.

    Saimoon Thapa
    Software Developer
  • Ana Verulidze

    Ana joined Green Filing in May 2023 and is a graduate of United World College Maastricht and Earlham College, with an extensive educational background spanning multiple countries. Ana has a passion for Environmental Sustainability and learning new languages (she speaks Georgian, English, Russian, some Japanese, and German). She also enjoys video game development and creating digital art.

    Ana Verulidze
    Software Developer
  • Adam Wiseman

    Adam Wiseman became a part of Green Filing in 2023, bringing over two decades of experience in developing large-scale commercial software, working with companies like Thompson Reuters, Truven, and IBM. In his free time, Adam is actively involved with his four boy’s passion for club soccer.

    Adam Wiseman
    Software Developer