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You'll find all the standard features you would expect from your e-filing service provider, and MORE, paired with unparalleled support. Please note that the availability of specific features may vary by state.

  • Service of Process

    Fast, dependable service of your summons, subpoenas, and more, anywhere in the U.S.

  • Courtesy Copy Delivery

    Order hand delivery of paper courtesy copies to courts (add’l fees apply).

  • Mail Service

    Serve documents to any party via Certified or First Class Mail (add’l fees apply).

  • PDF Conversion

    No need to convert your word processing documents to PDF before filing, simply upload them for conversion to text searchable PDFs.

  • File Stamped Documents

    Once accepted, your file stamped documents will be attached to your confirmation email for easy access.

  • Case Summary Views

    View basic case and party information, judge assignment, and a register of e-filing activity on your case.

  • Electronic Service

    Complimentary electronic service and tracking along with your filing. Just identify your service contacts and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Run detailed filing activity reports at any time to view your filing activity and associated filing fees and client matter numbers.

  • Copy Filings Feature

    Copy any draft, envelope, or serve only filing for easier submissions to the courts.


Are there any other fees associated with e-filing through Green Filing?

For e-filing into Alameda County civil cases, you will pay any court filing fees due based on the California Courts statewide fee schedule for each filing submission. In addition, filing fees are required to be paid electronically, either by credit card or e-check and therefore in order to ensure the court receives its full payment a processing fee of 3.00% is added for the use of a credit card, or $1.00 flat is added for the use of an e-check.

What is a filing submission, or filing envelope?

A filing submission, commonly referred to by the court as a filing envelope, is a single submission of documents to the court for a case. A filing submission may contain multiple documents or pleadings as long as they are intended for the same case.

Do you offer any additional services such as service of process or records retrieval?

Green Filing itself does not provide these types of additional services on its own, however, we have partnered with several attorney and legal service firms in California to provide them their own e-filing portals so that they may provide you these additionals services. Click here, or select Features > Our Partners in the site navigation to learn more.

Are there any file size limits, or limits on the number or documents or pages contained in a filing submission?

For e-filing in Alameda County civil cases, there are no file size limitations. You may submit documents without any limitation on the number of pages, documents, or overall file size. We do recommend, however, in order to optimize performance of the e-filing system, that you reduce your files sizes as best as possible (200MB or smaller). If scanning, be sure to scan in black and white, and at no higher a resolution that 300 dpi.