Fast and dependable mail delivery using Certified or First-Class mail® to any location within the United States.


Save money and time by ordering certified or first-class mail for USPS delivery of your documents directly from our e-filing system.


Send your documents through certified or first-class mail with any filing on our fast, easy, single-screen application.


No need to manage green cards for certified. Receive in-filing updates of mail statuses and PDF receipts.


1. Fill out a filing

Add or select service contacts to perform mail delivery.
  1. eServe - Check any box to electronically serve a party or attorney via email.
  2. Mail Service - Select Certified or First-Class Mail® to serve a party or attorney via mail once the court accepts the filing.
  3. Name - Add or edit addresses for Mail Service.
  4. Add Service Contact - Add new contacts to a filing.
  5. Acknowledgment Checkbox - Acknowledge you understand mail service isn't sent until the court accepts the filing.
  6. Return Address - Verify the return address is accurate and correct in case any Mail Service is returned to you.

2. Verify Fees

Verify the total fees for all requested Mail Service from the Service Contact Section.
Current Fee Schedule
  Certified Mail First-Class Mail®
1-10 Pages $12.50 $5.00
11-74 Pages $27.00 $12.50

Note: The number of pages are calculated by combining the total page count of ALL PDFs in the submission.

3. Mail Service Status

Receive in-filing updates of your mail's statuses and PDF receipts.


Does Green Filing fulfill the mail delivery orders?

Green Filing uses a certified third-party vendor to perform all mail delivery which is sent out via the United States Postal Service.

How soon after I submit my filing is the mail service sent out?

Mail delivery does not begin until the filing clerk at the Court accepts the filing so that we may email file-stamped copies to the recipient.

Where can I find a receipt for the delivery?

Users may return to any filing they requested mail delivery and then scroll to the Service Contact section of the filing where they will find a MAIL RECEIPT column with the relevant PDF receipts.

Is there a maximum number of pages you can deliver?

We currently have a maximum page limit of 74 pages which we calculate by combining the total page count of ALL PDFs in the submission. If the total pages exceeds the 74 page limit, you may create a subesequent Serve Only filing to mail parties the remaining pages in a new mailing.